CP9 pallets

The latest in the range of the Chemical Pallets are the CP9 pallets. Palettes Andries has been producing and selling high-quality CP9 pallets, or Chemie Palette number 9, for years. The guidelines of the Association of Plastic Manufacturers Europe (APME) for pallet manufacturers are, as always, strictly followed.

CP9 pallets are often used standard wooden pallets, specially developed for your company in the chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industry. The pallets are very strong, ideal for your octabins, barrels or big bags. They have a very solid structure, which makes them resistant to heavy loads: up to more than 1,500 kg depending on the application.

Technical properties

  • Dimensions 1140 × 1140 mm / 1,14 × 1,14 m
  • pallet with frame and bottom shelves in both directions
  • a round running lower deck
  • Beveled corners to prevent tearing of the foil
  • A large number of upper boards so that products remain stable on the pallet
  • Carrying capacity: +/- 1500kg

Own production of CP9 pallets

The CP9 pallets are produced in our own production facilities on fully automatic production lines. Each pallet is identifiable with a producer number – 163 is the number of Paletten Andries. Further operations and treatments of your CP pallets are also possible:

  • HT or ISPM15 treatment
  • Drying against mold or discoloration for critical sectors

Ordering wooden CP9 pallets

Order a full freight or a smaller number of CP9 pallets, anything is possible. Thanks to our large stock, we can deliver the pallets rapidly to you. We are also happy to do extras such as strapping the pallets for you.