Your B2B Partner In high-quality, new Wooden Pallets

We produce a wide range of pallets for use in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.
We always meet the high quality requirements. Our products are manufactured on modern, automated production lines and comply with international standards.


Regardless of the type of pallet, you can count on Paletten Andries for high quality pallets at the right price.

Chemical pallets

The chemical industry has standardized its pallets in 9 different variants. (CP1 to CP9). CP is the abbreviation of chemical pallets. Today these pallets are used in various industries. These pallets are our core business. High quality is guaranteed.

Euro pallets

Euro pallets play an important role in today’s global economy as versatile, sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. They are used in all kinds of industries. We can supply you euro pallets that meet all the necessary specifications.

Customized pallets

Are you looking for pallets with sizes that deviate from the standard wooden pallets, or with a different carrying capacity? We can make customized products on request.


Years of experience

Paletten Andries is an established company with 60 years of experience.

Focus on quality

The search for quality wood, our own production  lines  and an accurate management of the ISO 9001 standard, contribute to striving for the highest level of quality.

Top customer service

Together with you, we look for the best solution to your request.


Our own logistic fleet provides enormous flexibility and delivery reliability.


Paletten Andries always tries to fine-tune the production processes to take our continuity, precision and speed to a higher level.


Sustainability is our future! The environment, the economic and the social aspects are always mapped by management. Our several efforts have been rewarded by Ecovadis’ silver rating. In 2020 we have obtained our PEFC-certificate.


Quality certifications

To guarantee the quality, Paletten Andries meets all the applicable requirements of ISO 9001 and ISPM 15 – permission to “heat treat” the wood according to the international phytosanitary standard. Our products are marked with the HT stamp and can be exported worldwide.

Our PEFC Certificate demonstrates we want to support sustainable forest management.