Paletten Andries NV is specialized in the production of wooden pallets with a quality guarantee: Standard CP pallets, Euro pallets or customized pallets. We offer wet or dry pallets, heat treated according to the ISPM 15 standard or not, full wooden blocks or pressed / composite blocks.

CP1 Pallets

CP1 pallet

CP2 Pallets

CP2 pallet

CP3 Pallets

CP3 pallet

CP4 Pallets

CP4 pallet

CP5 Pallets

CP5 pallet

CP6 Pallets

CP6 pallet

CP7 Pallets


CP8 Pallets

CP8 pallet

CP9 Pallets

CP9 pallet

Euro Pallets

EUR pallet

Customized Pallets

maatwerk pallet

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